Polling Locations

By Emergency Declaration, on April 7, 2020 beginning at 7:00 a.m. until poll closure at 8:00 p.m. all voting for the Spring Election will be held at the Department of Public Works located at 2200 South Pine Street as a drive-through polling location.

As a voter you can expect the following process as a drive-through voting location:

The driver will enter at the Wastewater Treatment Plant entrance at 2100 S. Pine Street where you will stay in your car AT ALL TIMES and someone will approach your vehicle. All Poll Workers will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Upon entering the Department of Public Works garage, you will need to merge into the lane for your Ward (Wards 1-4 or Wards 5-8). To check your ward ahead of time, visit www.myvote.wi.gov. An election worker will be there to assist as well.
  • You will move forward in your car through the line as instructed by an election worker to your polling location where the election process will begin.
  • The voter will be asked to state their name, address and show an acceptable photo ID identification.
  • The Inspectors shall determine if the voter is in the poll book and is eligible to receive a ballot.
  • If you are not registered, an Election Inspector will assist you with the registration process while in the same line. You must have appropriate proof of residence with you.
  • The voter shall sign a label to be entered into the poll book prior to receiving a ballot. A voter will receive a marking device to sign and use with the ballot.
  • You will complete your ballot.
  • Once you have completed your ballot you will be assisted by an Election Inspector that will confidentially place your ballot in the tabulation equipment.
  • Exit the municipal location.
  • If you are disabled and have accessibility needs, accommodations will be provided for accessible voting.

We understand this change can be disruptive; however, we will strive to provide the best customer service possible under these trying circumstances. Election workers can only assist one voter at a time. Please expect wait times. Please also know that, to the extent the procedures followed by the City of Burlington in this revised voting procedure differ from the provisions of the WEC memorandum, the procedures followed and implemented by the City of Burlington shall control. The City of Burlington appreciates your patience and understanding while we maintain the integrity and right to vote. 

Ward Determination

To determine what Ward you are in, click on one of the links below:

Polling Locations

  • Find your polling location
  • Wards 1 to 4 vote at Cross Lutheran Church, 126 Chapel Terrace. View map.
  • Wards 5 to 10 vote at Burlington United Methodist Church, 857 W State Street. View map